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Asking the neighbors for help is not commonplace for everyone. And yet it is often the people who live nearby who want to mean something for the other. To break through this shyness in demand, Elsrijk City Village has developed the Neighborhood Help Map.

On Friday 7 May, Alderman Marijn van Ballegooijen presented the first Neighborhood Aid Map to Wilke Peeters, coordinator of the Zonnestein Medical Center. As alderman van Ballegooijen pointed out, this is an important step to promote cooperation between care & welfare. This act confirms the collaboration between Stadsdorp Elsrijk and MC Zonnestein in the area of welfare in the neighborhood. It is a first step towards shaping Wellbeing on Prescription. A method that not only looks at the medical complaints of a patient, but also looks at how the patient's well-being can be promoted.

Through the registration form 'Could you use a helping hand?' people can sign up.

Together with the person seeking help, the neighborhood coach enters into a conversation to find out what exactly is needed and whether the person already knows people in the neighborhood.

In consultation with the person seeking help, a flyer ('Can you help me') with the request for help is distributed door to door in the neighborhood. This is done anonymously, to prevent people with wrong intentions suddenly knocking at the door.

Neighbors who want to help report to the neighborhood coach. The neighborhood coach then makes the connection between supply and demand. With this method we not only want to help residents in Elsrijk, but above all stimulate social cohesion in the street. Knowing each other can make such a difference in the enjoyment of living and a sense of security.

Neighborhood coach:

Sacha de Ruiter

Working days: Monday - Wednesday - Thursday


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