Practice Zonnestein

In the center, physiotherapists with different specializations, haptotherapists and podiatrists work together under the name Praktijk Zonnestein. This collaboration results in a variety of disciplines, all with a people-oriented, personal approach.

Practice Zonnestein is a merger of the following practices:
Physiotherapy Jeanne d'Arclaan
Practice Kessler
Physiotherapy Sint
Haptotherapy Amstelveen

You can contact Praktijk Zonnestein for:

  • General physiotherapy
  • Pelvic physiotherapy
  • ClaudicationNet - running training peripheral vascular disease
  • Dry needling
  • Geriatrics physiotherapy
  • Haptotherapy
  • Children’s physiotherapy
  • Manual therapy
  • Medical taping
  • Oedema physiotherapy
  • Orofacial physiotherapy / jaw physiotherapy
  • Orthopedic Rehabilitation
  • ParkinsonNet
  • Podology
  • (Sports) Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy team:

  • Anja van der Eijk, manual therapist, dry needling
  • Amber Kuijs, general physiotherapist
  • Roos Lambalk, pediatric physiotherapist 
  • Irith Rott Veel, general physiotherapist, focus on the elderly, stroke
  • Jasper Sint, geriatric physiotherapist
  • Monique Tipker, general physiotherapist
  • Laura Treffers, edema physiotherapist and pelvic physiotherapist  
  • Martijn Trogh, orofacial physiotherapy (mimetherapy, dizziness, jaw complaints) and orthopedic rehabilitation

Team Podiatry

  • Herman Jan Kessler
  • Monique Tipker

Team Haptotherapy

  • Nicolette Bogaers, haptotherapist, website
  • Ellen Vaessen, haptotherapist, website
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