Privacy Policy

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Camera surveillance:
In the Zonnestein Medical Center we use camera surveillance. We point out to our patients that the recordings made are not part of a patient's medical file. To protect the privacy of patients, visitors and employees, we may only provide CCTV surveillance if we meet the conditions below:

  • Zonnestein Medical Center must have a legitimate interest in camera surveillance. For us, that is protecting patients, visitors and staff.
  • Patients, visitors and employees must be made aware of the camera surveillance and its purpose. We have installed the cameras in a clearly visible manner (the waiting areas, pill machine, barrier, reception, pharmacy, entrance to the entrances and the physio room) and draw the attention of visitors to the presence of camera surveillance by placing information boards at the front door and reception.
  • Zonnestein Medical Center may not store the camera images for longer than necessary. The guideline for this is 4 weeks. But if an incident is recorded, we may keep the relevant images until the incident has been dealt with.
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