Healthcare providers

Apart from the GPs, physiotherapists and pharmacy, MC Zonnestein offers a large number of clinical services. Below you find an overview of all care provided:

GPsPractice Ibssa- de Boer | the website of Praktijk Ibssa-de Boer
Practice Hoogland & Hemels | the website of Praktijk Hoogland & Hemels
Practice vd Kuyl & Shachar-Palgi | the website of Praktijk vd Kuyl & Shachar-Palgi
Practice Verbauwen | the website of Praktijk Verbauwen
PhysiotherapyZonnestein physiotherapy |
Podology Zonnestein |
HaptotherapyHaptotherapy Zonnestein |
PharmacyZonnestein Pharmacy |
GGDChildren’s and adolescents’ healthcare | the website of the GGD Amsterdam
ObstetricsMidwifery group practice Helende Meesters |
OrthopedagogyChinski Child Psychology |
PsychologyPractice Amstelland Psychology |
Practice for Psychological Support |
Home careZonnehuisgroep | the website of Zonnehuisgroep Amstelland
Elderly MedicineZonnehuisgroep (M. Nio - J. Kramer) | the website of Zonnehuisgroep Amstelland
Speech therapySpeech therapy practice H. Guit |
Dietitian / Dietetics Foodsteps Dietitians Amstelveen |
Dental hygienistSalome Rutha Tekle |
Diagnostics / Blood testsAtalmedial |
ProctologySurgical Expertise Center |
Exercise therapistThe exercise therapist |
Driving license testDriver's license official | driving license inspection
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